Probably, anyone, even the most avid tourist, eventually develops certain habits that simplify not only such a routine thing as packing for the road or booking tickets and hotels, but also behavior in various situations in a new country for You. We have collected the most useful habits that will be useful for every tourist.

1. Make a list of things to take on the road. This will simplify and speed up fees and prevent you from forgetting something really important.
2. Don't take extra things. If you are not traveling on a package tour, then extra things will be a burden and extra weight during transfers.
3. upload detailed offline maps of the area where you are going in advance To your smartphone. There are many specialized applications for this purpose.
4. pre-print hotel and ticket reservations in multiple copies. 5. Always take at least 2 Bank cards from different banks when traveling and keep them in different places, for example, in different pockets.
6. Learn the main prohibitions of the country you are going to visit. Walking in short shorts in non-exclusive places in Ankara or disrespecting even the portrait of the king in Thailand can lead to trouble.
7. Think and analyze more intensely than at home. Think twice before taking a guided tour in the first place you come across. Do not buy Souvenirs where there is a large passability of tourists, etc.
8. have Lunch in a cafe for locals. Without this, in our opinion, it is impossible to plunge into the atmosphere of the country. Better-only dinner at a local family's house.
9. Make it a rule that the main thing is documents and money. Losing all other things is unpleasant, but not so critical. If money can be secured with Bank cards, then special control and care are needed for documents.
10. Charge the batteries of your camera, smartphone and other necessary gadgets in the evening! It will be very disappointing to miss a lot of interesting shots due to a low battery.



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