The red sea has no competitors in terms of the diversity of corals and other underwater animals. Thousands of people come to the seaside towns of Egypt, Jordan, Israel and other countries to take diving lessons and explore at least a small part of the underwater world.

Abu Dabab-Marsa Alam Bay, Egypt

In the vicinity of Marsa Alama, it is known for being home to giant sea turtles. Diving to a depth of 5-8 meters, you can guarantee to stroke the shell of a good-natured beast, at the same time snapping a few pictures. However, most of the guests of the Bay are waiting for a meeting not so much with turtles, but with dugongs – huge sea cows.

Paradise reef-Eilat, Israel

Underwater riches – corals of all shapes and sizes, as well as hundreds of species of fish that are not afraid to swim close to people. A noteworthy diving spot in Eilat is the sunken rocket boat Satil, which lies along the coastline and parallel to the current.

Japanese gardens reef-Aqaba, Jordan

This reef with thickets of coral trees really looks like a garden. Flocks of small and medium-sized fish scurry among the corals, and sea turtles can be found. When entering the water, there is a high probability of bumping into red sea urchins disguised as rocks.

RAS Mohammed nature reserve-Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Flocks of colorful fish, Islands of coral reefs jutting above the sea surface, mangroves that grow directly in the water – just a small part of what you can see in this reserve.

El Fanous – Hurghada, Egypt

The area around El Fanus reef has long been favored by flocks of dolphins who come here to relax and play with their babies. In addition, you can even swim with bottlenose dolphins under water – you just need to contact one of the local dive centers that organize such excursions.



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